vineri, octombrie 30, 2009

Today I got a 4 at Chemestry. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE Chemestry???YES YES YES. I really do.
Oh and my Math teacher[the one I really like...] told me today that I am..anorexic..wha the fuck??? I don't like his joke...ntz ntz..not at all cause it's a big difference between being ...skinny in a pretty way... and being anorexic. But anyway....
Tomorrow I have an English competition and I have to be up at IN THE MORNING.
Going to study now...I have a busy weekend...History, Literature, English, Math, T.I.C...everything.

joi, octombrie 29, 2009

The day when I got a ball in the face!

All I remember about today is that I laughed like a crazy and that I got a ball in the face when I was watching the boys playing football. And it still hurts. Like fuck.

miercuri, octombrie 28, 2009

WE're having fun every and every day. The last days were amazing. I really feel the "highschool wind" blowing in my hair lol. Even if I don't know a thing at Math or Chemestry...I DON'T sucks but my friends rock...who the fuck needs vectors when you have NICU..and GABY and TEO and DANY and....PITY..and..everyone..wha the fuck I am saying??? EVERYONE...I don't even feel how 7 hours pass so fast. But hei hei...I don't have anything with my Math teacher..I just have something with MATH in general...but I can't say the same thing about History..ops. ops. ops. I hope my formmaster doesn't know what a blogspot is.

I GOT A 10 AT LOGICAL!!! isn't it awesome<33. I'm a good girl..yes I am.
For now..I have to prepare a Project with Gaby, Teo and Dani at Physics...this sucks...SUCKS. I hate Physics too...
I guess tomorrow will be fun. No History. NO HISTORY. I have...Math... French...Geography[damn this teacher talks A LOT and I don't understand anything..anything].
On the other side....NICU loves to annoy me...but I promised I will write about him on this post. Happy now?

Well well enought with talking... things are good...I hope tomorrow I can write about why a woman is always better than a man... I promised.

BONUS: gluma zilei, spusa de...Dani bineineles, referitor la jurnalul de zi cu zi: "Am intalnit o fata, era cam proasta asa ca am trecut mai departe".
=)). Ii rog pe cei care nu au gustat gluma sa nu comenteze=))).

marți, octombrie 27, 2009

Q: De ce avea Hathor cap de vaca?
A: Pentru ca sotia lui era era un bou.

Intrebarea de 5 puncte la testul de logica, propusa de Dani: "Cate kilograme avea Aristotel?"

....astea sunt chestii care in engleza nu au niciun farmec:)). Si niciun cuvant, nicio fraza nu poate sa descrie cum rad ca o idioata cu Bogdan, sau cum pronunt Ptha. Astea sunt momentele care nu vreau sa le uit niciodata. Traiasca 6 le de la mate, de la TIC, de la istorie, 9 la latina si 10 la religie. Pai ce mama ma-sii...ori stii..ori nu stii?

Pana la urma..tot un bou era nevasta-sa:)).
Sa aveti o seara retardez in continuare.

luni, octombrie 26, 2009

Lesson #1: Learn how to love.

Since I know myself I had fucking idiot problems with expressing my feelings[the good ones of course]. I know how to be annoying, I know how to be sad, I know how to scream at someone, I know how to make someone to hate me, I know how to make fun of someone, or let someone make fun of me, I know how to ruin the disposition or to make happier someone..I know how to cry, how to laugh till my stomach hurts. I know how to go crazy. But since I know myself...I never knew how to love someone. Deep... I know it... but I am too fucking idiot to let the feelings just go out... and sprend everywhere. I have sooo much love to offer... but I can't. I am sick of getting hurt everytime I open my heart. I am sick. I don't want to let someone touch every part of me and then just let every door open and run away. I am afraid... I know. I don't desirve love cause I don't know how to give back love.... like I said...

I am empty.. no one could die for me.

vineri, octombrie 23, 2009

We always fight to get somewhere... we can't stay for a moment... just to watch and listen the rithm of this crazy world.
Stop from running everywhere... listen. Feel.
Chill out for a minute.

joi, octombrie 22, 2009

Well hmm Thursday..I am 4 days behind..damn but I just forgot about writing here I was so caught up with cathing everyone on flickr..and school was horrible this week. I had 3 tests so far at History[...fuck it], Geography[I got a 9 yuppy], and Math...I really suck at Math Gosh...
Today was pretty funny cause lol:))..we had Sports and the boys played football and while they were on the field we decided to do a little joke. We dressed in their clothes and waited for them to see was funny:)).
Tomorrow I have a Logical test and I guess my Chemistry teacher has a surprise for us[yup..a bad one].
I swear, History is killing me. My formmaster is just an idk..idk.. he doesn't like me at all [to be honest I don't like him more than he likes me but..still]
Tomorrow I wanna talk about how womans are always battar than a man..and no I am not kidding... if I have inspiration and time!
I guess tomorrow will be BORING..BORING...but the weekend is knocking at the door<3.

luni, octombrie 19, 2009

Better start for a week can't exist. After the blast we had on Saturday....nothing can go bad lol. I think the History class we had today was very delicios for my classmates..they seemed to have lot of fun.

vineri, octombrie 16, 2009

Antonia [ma' Wild, Dangerous, Sexy, RWWAR Biatch<3] - "He's STUPID"
Catalin - "I can lend you my rubber"
Claudia - "Prezent prezent" LOL=))
Andreea [ma' blonde biatch<3] - "I'm blonde...and I have curled heair. And I don't like it"
Sabina - "Duduuuuuuu...why are you sad?"
Pity [ma' Famous Bitch] - "I am Pityyyy and I love everyone"
Gloria & Maria - "We like laughing..always"
Gaby - "Dudu has a problem with her nose"
Dani - "I love my hair"
Veronica - "Let's get drunk" =)))))
Tedy - [=] Rapunzel<3.
Bobo - "I am a football player"
Razvan - "Duduuuuuu" haha=]].
Alex - aka Finger-sk8
Radu - idk..he's always late.
Teo - "Do you like my rocker boots?"
Dudu - "insert description" lol
Stefan - "I know the lightspeed"
Rebeca - aka Miss
Iorgo[s???] - "Wanna see my tattoo?" <3

I don't have romanian sounds better lol... I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Damn I can't wait till tomorrow TRIP TRIP TRIP TRIP TRIP.

joi, octombrie 15, 2009

Right now I am chating with Nicu. Damn he's so funny sometimes[whatever..always]. I think I can talk with him 3 hours and laugh every minute.
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow yep yep tomorrow I am going to do like a..hmm..little description about each one of my classmates..this is going to be fun cause I have some words for everyone...nice words of course.
For today...hmm things are getting better and better..we're like a big family...that's my opinion..I love everyone..they're very cool...and I love Dani too even if he really has smt with me [lol kidding]..we like fighting.
I can't wait till Saturday...TRIP TRIP TRIP TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

miercuri, octombrie 14, 2009

Pfffffffff. COLD. I am sick. I have an horrible headache. I wrooote so much at History today..I swear this teacher is crazy. No test...yup Geography test, no History test...yuppy.
I know yesterday I said that I will write about mental manipulation but right now I'm not able to think at anything...I am exhausted. I just want my tea and my pills and then sleeeeeeeeep. Lot of sleep.

marți, octombrie 13, 2009

I almost forgot to write here for today. I am so caught in everything with school right now. I wrote till now at History, Literature, Geography, English... tomorrow I have a test at Geography and I think at History too but I am not sure. And I hope on Saturday we can leave town to go on the so-long-ago-planned trip we want. But this weather is so damn cold and is raining so much... ew I hate autumn.
Literature, Literature, Literature...I sooooo love you<3. That's why I'm here lol. I don't even feel like making my homeworks..everything comes natural... I'm weird hehe.
I think this is why I don't like just writing about what I did at school, like: I got at school, I had X,Y,Z class, I had a test at T and I got a 2.30 at X [lol] weird cause the day is not like this..I have certain feelings about everything happened around me. Like today... I loved walking in the rain with Andreea[Kurama], even if I got all wet hehe.
Now I am watching a cool Tv Show here in Romania..and them I'm going to study at History[yes again..].
Tomorrow talking about mental manipulation without or with your volition [/will].

B'byeee and wish me luck tomorrow!!
Peace and love, Dudu<3.

luni, octombrie 12, 2009

Dudu says "underwear" and not "underground" at the English class..what a pervert mind.

I think this is the first time when I can't wait to write about what happened today.'s the first time lol.
Well.. I am in a good mood right now. I got a 9 at Physics and that's WOW for me cause I've never been good at it... but I guess I'm lucky. Excepting the fact that I lost my favourite white sweater at school and I forgot my tie home it was way too awesome.
Is that time when I start knowing everyone... each one of my friends. And I can say that they're all awesome, and even if they're not "awesome"..nobody's perfect, and if we're going to live almost every day, for 4 years least we can accept each other with good and negative parts. And like always..I like first to see the good parts, and just to ignore the negative ones, cause I'm not perfect..not at all.
I love being a part of this new class... I can feel that a connection was made before knowing each other... cause I can't even believe that from the 3th day of school we were acting like we knew each other for years.

vineri, octombrie 09, 2009 we are..Friday. I can say that I had a full highschool week. Literature, History, English..Geography. I can feel that I'm an highschool babe ..finally lol. Nothing interesting for today about school...I am tired. Very tired... but I have 2 days ahead...and I am home alone..can't wait<3.

joi, octombrie 08, 2009

Stupid child... you're just an empty soul, running over the ocean to rich that love you don't even know about...

miercuri, octombrie 07, 2009

Peace in the world, food for everyone, a perfect lover, happiness for everyone, an Ipod or...something cute, something good - dreams.
Maybe saying "Hi" to someone you don't know, when you go to buy a chocolate is a dream for someone on this planet; maybe talking with an old couple about how life is, in park... is a dream for someone in this world; or just a full day chilling on a green field, watching the sun, the little ladybugs, letting the wind to embrace you and saying "thank you" to...nobody... yes - to nobody...just saying "thank you" to you; maybe this is a dream for someone.
Yes...I dream about little and stupid things...imature things. Cause I am a kid. I love being a kid. I love having dreams..even if I can't make them all become true. I'm trying to make every little dream, every little wish to become true... I am really trying.
You should try too...even if you want to be the President of America, or you just want to learn how to do an origami swan - everything is possible if you believe in yourself.
I am weird, and not everyone understands my perspectives... and that's a big mistake. Don't try to understand me... just try to know every little part of my heart.


marți, octombrie 06, 2009

From where all the hate? From where the reproches, the screams...all the hate. We can't just be kind with everyone? But how the hell can I be kind with the people around me when someone's screaming and reproching I don't know what things, for nothing. For abs nothing. Let's stop being imature, full of hate and full of indifference, let's try to...make things easier for everyone.
I did my storyboard at History and I read a looot about Socrates for my Logical class. This guy was *so* amazing. He was simple and every word which was coming out of his mouth was GOLD. I swear..pure gold.
But... I love chilling out now, after this stressed day. Some good music, a natural orange juice and a book always helps.

"The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be."

Tomorrow posting about ..dreams!

luni, octombrie 05, 2009

No school today.
I'm beautiful, but I'm empty.... no one could die for me.
I want my life back! Now...

duminică, octombrie 04, 2009

joi, octombrie 01, 2009

I have problems with my computer. First of all the USB cable from my camera doesn't works anymore...this is why I am fucked up. It's the worst thing could ever happen to a photographer.. Idk wha the fu is wrong with it, my Winamp doesn't works, or the driver from my phone and my mp4 really has A PROBLEM WITH ME.
I can't *tears*

Going to study HISTORY[yes yes cool huh?] now...see ya!