miercuri, octombrie 07, 2009

Peace in the world, food for everyone, a perfect lover, happiness for everyone, an Ipod or...something cute, something good - dreams.
Maybe saying "Hi" to someone you don't know, when you go to buy a chocolate is a dream for someone on this planet; maybe talking with an old couple about how life is, in park... is a dream for someone in this world; or just a full day chilling on a green field, watching the sun, the little ladybugs, letting the wind to embrace you and saying "thank you" to...nobody... yes - to nobody...just saying "thank you" to you; maybe this is a dream for someone.
Yes...I dream about little and stupid things...imature things. Cause I am a kid. I love being a kid. I love having dreams..even if I can't make them all become true. I'm trying to make every little dream, every little wish to become true... I am really trying.
You should try too...even if you want to be the President of America, or you just want to learn how to do an origami swan - everything is possible if you believe in yourself.
I am weird, and not everyone understands my perspectives... and that's a big mistake. Don't try to understand me... just try to know every little part of my heart.


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CeCiLe. spunea...

am luat-o de aici http://gwarf.deviantart.com/art/and-breathe-out-90936314

fotograful e http://gwarf.deviantart.com/


AnEmOnE spunea...

:X perfect said . ce zici tu pe acolo e foarte frumos . Sa stii ca e o dorinta de a mea asta cu sa ii spui cuiva "Buna" atunci cand te duci sa cumperi ciocoloata [parca]. :X