joi, ianuarie 26, 2012

overrated feelings

who ever thought that love is our saving? who thinks, nowadays, that love solves all?
love is overrated, love is stupid and selfish. is something that you run for - you run untill your knees bleed and eyes cry. love is that something that doesn't give you nothing back. cause us, people, we always want and need something back. love doesn't give us that something - so let's not be hypocrite and say that love is all we want.
we don't want love, we just want the security of having someone next to us. that's why old people buy dogs, or cats. we want someone to share the paper toilet with. women want love because they need someone before their period and men want love because they want to fuck.
it's as simple as that. yes, love is that simple.

*from june 2, 2011*