marți, octombrie 13, 2009

I almost forgot to write here for today. I am so caught in everything with school right now. I wrote till now at History, Literature, Geography, English... tomorrow I have a test at Geography and I think at History too but I am not sure. And I hope on Saturday we can leave town to go on the so-long-ago-planned trip we want. But this weather is so damn cold and is raining so much... ew I hate autumn.
Literature, Literature, Literature...I sooooo love you<3. That's why I'm here lol. I don't even feel like making my homeworks..everything comes natural... I'm weird hehe.
I think this is why I don't like just writing about what I did at school, like: I got at school, I had X,Y,Z class, I had a test at T and I got a 2.30 at X [lol] weird cause the day is not like this..I have certain feelings about everything happened around me. Like today... I loved walking in the rain with Andreea[Kurama], even if I got all wet hehe.
Now I am watching a cool Tv Show here in Romania..and them I'm going to study at History[yes again..].
Tomorrow talking about mental manipulation without or with your volition [/will].

B'byeee and wish me luck tomorrow!!
Peace and love, Dudu<3.

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AnEmOnE spunea...

good luck :)

Anonim spunea...

homework nu are plural.

pupici, scuze pentru critica.