luni, octombrie 12, 2009

Dudu says "underwear" and not "underground" at the English class..what a pervert mind.

I think this is the first time when I can't wait to write about what happened today.'s the first time lol.
Well.. I am in a good mood right now. I got a 9 at Physics and that's WOW for me cause I've never been good at it... but I guess I'm lucky. Excepting the fact that I lost my favourite white sweater at school and I forgot my tie home it was way too awesome.
Is that time when I start knowing everyone... each one of my friends. And I can say that they're all awesome, and even if they're not "awesome"..nobody's perfect, and if we're going to live almost every day, for 4 years least we can accept each other with good and negative parts. And like always..I like first to see the good parts, and just to ignore the negative ones, cause I'm not perfect..not at all.
I love being a part of this new class... I can feel that a connection was made before knowing each other... cause I can't even believe that from the 3th day of school we were acting like we knew each other for years.

2 comentarii:

AnEmOnE spunea...

la ce profil esti tu?
ca un apropo doar.. :D
oricum , foarte frumos scris..
si titlul .. :))
e prea bun

Dudu♥ spunea...

socio uman..cel mai tare<3. Daca esti pe parte de da, titlul chiar e pe bune..:)). Iti poti da seama ca toti colegi, inclusiv profa erau pe jos de ras. :)).