miercuri, octombrie 14, 2009

Pfffffffff. COLD. I am sick. I have an horrible headache. I wrooote so much at History today..I swear this teacher is crazy. No test...yup yup..no Geography test, no History test...yuppy.
I know yesterday I said that I will write about mental manipulation but right now I'm not able to think at anything...I am exhausted. I just want my tea and my pills and then sleeeeeeeeep. Lot of sleep.

2 comentarii:

AnEmOnE spunea...

sa te faci repede bine
app..ce melodie e asta?

Dudu♥ spunea...

Mersiii. *hapciu*
Kleerup feat Lykke Li - Untill we bleed. Nu-i asa ca e criminala?