joi, octombrie 22, 2009

Well hmm Thursday..I am 4 days behind..damn but I just forgot about writing here I was so caught up with cathing everyone on flickr..and school was horrible this week. I had 3 tests so far at History[...fuck it], Geography[I got a 9 yuppy], and Math...I really suck at Math Gosh...
Today was pretty funny cause lol:))..we had Sports and the boys played football and while they were on the field we decided to do a little joke. We dressed in their clothes and waited for them to see was funny:)).
Tomorrow I have a Logical test and I guess my Chemistry teacher has a surprise for us[yup..a bad one].
I swear, History is killing me. My formmaster is just an idk..idk.. he doesn't like me at all [to be honest I don't like him more than he likes me but..still]
Tomorrow I wanna talk about how womans are always battar than a man..and no I am not kidding... if I have inspiration and time!
I guess tomorrow will be BORING..BORING...but the weekend is knocking at the door<3.

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