miercuri, octombrie 28, 2009

WE're having fun every and every day. The last days were amazing. I really feel the "highschool wind" blowing in my hair lol. Even if I don't know a thing at Math or Chemestry...I DON'T CARE...school sucks but my friends rock...who the fuck needs vectors when you have NICU..and GABY and TEO and DANY and....PITY..and..everyone..wha the fuck I am saying??? EVERYONE...I don't even feel how 7 hours pass so fast. But hei hei...I don't have anything with my Math teacher..I just have something with MATH in general...but I can't say the same thing about History..ops. ops. ops. I hope my formmaster doesn't know what a blogspot is.

I GOT A 10 AT LOGICAL!!! isn't it awesome<33. I'm a good girl..yes I am.
For now..I have to prepare a Project with Gaby, Teo and Dani at Physics...this sucks...SUCKS. I hate Physics too...
I guess tomorrow will be fun. No History...no History. NO HISTORY. I have...Math... French...Geography[damn this teacher talks A LOT and I don't understand anything..anything].
On the other side....NICU loves to annoy me...but I promised I will write about him on this post. Happy now?

Well well enought with talking... things are good...I hope tomorrow I can write about why a woman is always better than a man... I promised.

BONUS: gluma zilei, spusa de...Dani bineineles, referitor la jurnalul de zi cu zi: "Am intalnit o fata, era cam proasta asa ca am trecut mai departe".
=)). Ii rog pe cei care nu au gustat gluma sa nu comenteze=))).

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AnEmOnE spunea...

omg deci la postul asta am murit de ras
si acum sunt un zombie :))
gluma e prea penala :)):):)):):)):))
anywho.. <3

Anne spunea...

foarte tare gluma :))