vineri, octombrie 16, 2009

Antonia [ma' Wild, Dangerous, Sexy, RWWAR Biatch<3] - "He's STUPID"
Catalin - "I can lend you my rubber"
Claudia - "Prezent prezent" LOL=))
Andreea [ma' blonde biatch<3] - "I'm blonde...and I have curled heair. And I don't like it"
Sabina - "Duduuuuuuu...why are you sad?"
Pity [ma' Famous Bitch] - "I am Pityyyy and I love everyone"
Gloria & Maria - "We like laughing..always"
Gaby - "Dudu has a problem with her nose"
Dani - "I love my hair"
Veronica - "Let's get drunk" =)))))
Tedy - [=] Rapunzel<3.
Bobo - "I am a football player"
Razvan - "Duduuuuuu" haha=]].
Alex - aka Finger-sk8
Radu - idk..he's always late.
Teo - "Do you like my rocker boots?"
Dudu - "insert description" lol
Stefan - "I know the lightspeed"
Rebeca - aka Miss
Iorgo[s???] - "Wanna see my tattoo?" <3

I don't have romanian sounds better lol... I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Damn I can't wait till tomorrow TRIP TRIP TRIP TRIP TRIP.

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