joi, noiembrie 19, 2009

"You don't know what you have until you lose it."

I've lost so many things... and I won't lose you too. I won't do the same mistakes again. I won't lose you because I am way toooo emotional, because I care too much or because I cry too much. I won't lose you... not you. Because you can teach me how to be mature... you can teach me how to not care. But... I'm stupid... I'm stupid because I think everyone cares about me and about my feelings but it's not like this, everyone's selfish... I am too, but at least I don't punch my friends with a knife in the back.
One thing I've learned today... you don't know what you have until you lose it... and I know what I have, I have you... but still don't want to lose anything.
Even if my eyes see blur.

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AnEmOnE spunea...

si daca nu vrei sa il pierzi , tine-l aproape de tine , iar in momentele in care iti e greu stai cu el,cand esti fericita lasa-l sa inteleaga cat de important e pentru tine.
Aveti grija