vineri, noiembrie 20, 2009

It matters so much apologising even if it's not your blame. Saying "sorry" is the most important thing, more than saying "i love you". I am apologising always... cause always in a fight doesn't exist just one person who makes mistakes... everyone does. In a relation the blame is divided by two. This is why... even it's not your think is not, be YOU the one who's apologising, you won't lose anything... you will always win. I can be sure that always when you don't say "sorry", you wait for the otherone to say it... but think that the other is waiting your words too.
Cause it's all my fault, put the blame on me...

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Anonim spunea...

auditie placuta :)

cuvinte frumoase.

xoxo spunea...

nice i like it:D
dar totusi nu mereu se intampla ca :"the other is waiting your words too."
anyway: "you can put the blame on me"