luni, septembrie 14, 2009

First word: FUCK. I hate hishschool. Yeh yeh..yeh...true. I HATE HIGHSCHOOL. I have the worst formmaster in the highschool..bad luck like this..just with me. Gosh he made me cry i am serious. We were counting some books...and i said 25 and not 23..cause i was fuck*ing stressed and nervous ...and he was something like "hmm..someone has problems with math"...and i felt like shit and in an instant i started to cry. HORRIBLE.
But on the other classmates are suuuuuuppppeeerrr cool.
I am still sooooooo stressed because of what happened... i think this month will be the worst in my life - ever. And I have a very-very-very busy schedule too. I start school at 1 or 2...and i get back at 7 or 6...horrible. Practical, i have just the morning free... but not free at all cause i have to learn. So fuc* my life for now...worst start just can't exist.
Commenting on flickr and then...SLEEP. Bye

2 comentarii:

AnEmOnE spunea...

crezi ca la tine a fost nasol ?:))
stai sa vezi la mine..
o sa postez si eu.,
dar nu azi
si nici maine
o sa mor :((
la ce dracu ne-o trebui acum nu stiu
si stai calma ca si eu boceam la
good luck hun

Dudu♥ spunea...

L-am citit hehe:)). Abia astept sa vad cum a fost la tine!!!!