duminică, septembrie 13, 2009

So..here we are..less than 12 hours. I am sooooooo freacked out. I almost pee in my pants. I swear. These emotions are killing me, and my mom is not helping at all. She's actually running from my room to the living-room to the bathroom for 2 hours trying to put everything in order... my uniform[I SWEAR ON GOD I AM NOT GOING TO WEAR THAT UNIFORM MORE THAN 1 WEEK], my shoes... why the hell is she doing this?? i'm 15..whatever she's freacking me out with all her "you're a freshman/take care with boys[she loves pissing me off]/study a lot if you wanna go to America/take care with the teachers"...eww. But damn she's right[i hate saying this]...i have to study A LOT in my first year.
I'll miss my sleepless nights, the weekends with Bubu...actually the days when i was doing...nothing. I love being lazy!
So that's it... posting tomorrow with news about my first day.


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