miercuri, septembrie 09, 2009

Starting from September 14 when school begins, I am going to have a mini diary about how being a freshman in highschool is. I want to remember every day of my first year like a bud. I think is going to be fun, is the first time i do this. Actually yes, is the first time I have a real diary. I am going to post every day, in english [this will help me a lot to improve my english] if I have time, internet and inspiration of course, during my first year of school; not in holidays.
So like that's it... i'm not doing this for the blog, for attention or for someone in special..i am doing this for me, cause my first year in highschool is very important for me so ...wish me luck guys!

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AnEmOnE spunea...

good luck :*

Anonim spunea...

Welcome here too Dudu :D!!
and G L