marți, septembrie 15, 2009

So...2nd day of school, 1st day real school. Today I had Music, 2 classes of literature, Biology and...this stupid class of Religion. So like here in Romania, religion is a class at learn things about the history of the religions and etc etc all this bla blas.
1st: my Music teacher ROCKS. She's awesome and she's cute.
2nd: My literature teacher just had a baby so we don't really know if she's going to be our teacher but she's cool too i think. For my first contact with her...i think she's pretty cool.
3rd: the teacher of Biology..well..idk what to say about her. I think she's cool too. She looks very cool and she talks very nice, chill. I have to see her in "action" to have a real opinion about her.
4th: My religion teacher..he's..idk:)). He's ok. I have just one hour/week with him so i don't think i'll have any problems with him. He's ok.

But i still have to meet looooot of teachers and i hope they're all nice like the ones from today.

Funny fact for today: I have a classmate, her name is Tedy and she has longer hair than me. Yes Flickr..can you believe that? lol

See ya tomorrow^_^

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Sandra Cahu spunea...

You take "classes", not "hours". Those are only used to express time. Nevertheless this blog is a great way to improve your English as long as someone actually spends time underlining any spelling or grammar mistakes detected.Hugs