miercuri, septembrie 16, 2009

So...3RD DAY OF HIGHSCHOOL. Awesome? lol. Remember my first day? Horrible...now..awesome. Why? Well till Friday I don't have classes with my formmaster so i am not stressed.
Today i met my Math teacher. He was like...super cool..even if his name sounds very very creeeeeepppyyy in romanian..like i am serious lol "butcher"..that's his name so i was kinda scared..but he's ok.
Also... remember yesterday i told you that is possible to change my Literature teacher..well this happened and my new teacher..ermm she's kinda idk she looks nice but i think she's very bad lol...like not bad but very exigente. And she also told us to do a composition about us..like how I see myself, and she's going to check them. BOO..i wrote lot of shit about me =]].
My English teacher..she's the first one that gave us a homework..actually wasn't a real homework, our first class was about recapitulation an we had some exercises we didn't finish in class and who wanted to finish them home ok, who doesn't...next hour..and how I AM SUCH A NERD[no kiddin'] but i love english so..i did my homework[NNNNEEERRRD DUDUUUUU]
Other classes..hmmmmm Geography!!!!!!! GOSH I AM NOT KIDDING..my geography teacher is a..omg he's awesome. He's so smart...we talked an hour about aliens and the Solar System and about idk..lot of things. I like him!!!
And we had social sciences but the teacher never came so..FREE HOUR!!!

So like...that was all for today. Pretty cool huh?

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