marți, martie 04, 2008

Cine urmeaza?

CE voi scrie acum m.a marcat profund si cred ca voi ramane cu amintirea atsa toata viata...acum 10 minute am vazut Destinatie Finala 1...
A oribil,si primul rand mi s.a parut oribil ptr ca...mie imi plac filmele hrror,thriller mai sadice si mai cu sange...dar..asta m.a mijcat mai moolt...
Nu stiu cati dintre voi ati avut [ne]placerea de a il vedea,dar vi.l o sa vi.l povestesc ptr ca eu ma pierd pe parcurs cu detalii...dar o sa va zic esentialul...un baiat pleaca cu colegii la paris,are o viziune cum ca avionul explodeaza,el coboara cu inca cativa colegi si una dintre profesoare,iar dupa decolare totul se intampla cum a visat.Se descopera din ce cauza s.a intamplat si apare o schita in ordinea in care trebuiau ei sa moara:un baiat,o fata,profesoara,2 colegi,el si prietena aici incepe actiunea,el presimte si stie cine urmeaza,si ii scapa pe 2 dintre ei...oricum in final raman in viata decat el,prietena lui si inca un baiat care a scapat de moarte prin moartea altuia...
Ce am daia am facut postarea sa va povestesc un fost nijte replici uluitoare din care am inteles ca moartea are cate un plan pentru fiecare dintre noi,iar noi prin fiecare gest sau fiecare cuvant sau orice pas facem,putem declansa planul mortii noastre,spre exemplu de la o cana de ceai poti muri...[asta e alta poveste].
Nu suntem nemuritori,dar ii putem salva pe altii,dar si noua ne vine randul,iar daca planul nu a reusit de prima data ,din diverse cauze,a doua oara moartea sigur nu da gres...sau poate...
Sa vorbim mai mult despre planul stiu cum sa exprim ce vreau sa spun...vreau sa spun ca planul mortii in eu vad moarte in mai multe feluri"neasteptata,calma,dureroasa,chinuitoare,prelungita...depinde de caz,dar,tu poti incerca sa schimbi planul mortii,dar nu vei stii daca ai reusit...Moartea e cu tine la fiecare pas,te urmareste si iti stie fiecare miscare ce urmeaza sa faci,pentru ca planul mortii tale "este scris in stele"[sa vorbesc si eu epic]...moartea poate da gres o data,dar nu de doua ori..
Poate nu am fost explicita,si nu am fost,vroiam sa exprim mult mai multe...dar poate cand o sa descopar cu adevarat ce vroiam sa spun o sa revin...dar pana atunci...Cine urmeaza?

BONUS:[am gasit pe net povestea,o descrie foarte bine..ptr cn intelege bn engleza:D]

Alex and his class are going on a trip to Paris. Just before the plane takes off, he has a vision that the plane he is on is going to explode, killing everyone on board. He then starts a commotion trying to make everyone get off the plane. He manages to convince a few people to get off, but most people don't believe him and stay on board. Shortly after take off the plane explodes, like in his vision.

Afterwards, the survivors of the crash start to die mysteriously. Alex soon realizes that they cheated death, and death has come back to kill them. His only choice is to team up with the other survivors as they try to cheat death. First dies his best friend, Tod after Death strangles him. He talks to Clear about how they cheated death when Carter and his girlfriend, Terry. When Carter is about to have a fight with Alex, Terry tells him she can't handle this kind of behaviour and tells him to "drop fucking dead". Shortly after she is hit by a bus and blood sprays all over Alex's face.

Alex heads home and tries to figure out death's pattern. He realizes that they are dying in the order they would have on board Flight 180. Using a seat chart of the plane, he figures that Mrs. Lewton is next. However, he is unable to save her and Mrs. Lewton is promptly killed after being stabbed and burned. The house explodes due to the gas being turned on. Billy Hitchcock also witnesses this as he is riding his bike. Now with the knowledge of Death's design, Alex and Billy meet up with Clear and Carter. Carter then goes insane (possibly from Terry's death) and parks in the middle of a train track. With the train bearing down, Alex, Clear and Billy manage to escape the car. Alex convinces Carter to get out, however when he tries to, Death locks the car. Alex realises that Carter is next, according to the seating plan of the survivors on the plane. He still tries to save him and eventually does just before the train collides with the car. As the group ponder who is next to die, Billy starts to fight over Carter's fate. As he turns around, a piece of metal from Carter's destroyed car is flicked by the train and decapitates Billy.

Alex realises that because he had prevented Carter's death, it skipped him and went on to the next person, Billy. According to the seat map, Alex would be after Billy making him next on the list. He then secludes himself from anyone, barricading a cabin to protect him from Death. It isn't until later, while he is making a fire, he notices an error. He remembers the two women who asked him to move so they can sit together. Since he moved, he would've been sitting next to Tod, making him sixth to die. But since he didn't move, that placed his seat behind Clear and after her on the list. (error: Alex's design should've been right. He didn't move since he had the premonition. He should've still been sixth).

Clear arrives back at her house and that's when Death starts trying to kill her. Alex arrives and saves from a hanging wire by sacrificing himself. He gets electrocuted by still survives. Six months later, Alex, Clear and Carter are in Paris. They take a moment to remember all those who died of Death's actions. Alex still can't get out of his mind why Death didn't kill any of them. He knows that he didn't die when he pulled the burning wire from Clear's car and that no one saved him. As he thinks, he notices several signs of Death nearby. He tries to leave, to protect Carter and Clear.

As he is walking across the road, a bus appears and Carter saves him in the nick of time. Alex realises Death had come back for them as he was intended to die. He reveals this to Carter and Carter asks who's next. Since Carted saved Alex, it skips him and goes back to Carter. The billboard that was detached from a brick comes swinging towards Carter. Just when Carter is about to die, the film ends.

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