marți, septembrie 29, 2009

I have this feeling like...something very bad is going to happen. But it's just me like always... today I am going to talk about... I have no idea..lemme think.
5 minutes
7 minutes
10 minutes

I don't know that's why you guys[cause I know everyone's reading my blog...haha gotcha] are going to tell me a/more subject/s for tomorrow. I want at leeeasst 10 ideas.
You can say... global warming, sex, school, history[kidding], cars... everything. I just want ideas ok?
See ya tomorrow and I want your suggestions!


3 comentarii:

AnEmOnE spunea...

zi de pana mai scriu eu ceva.. o sa mor..
take care

marte spunea...

pai,incearca sa iti imaginnezi cum ar fii sotia perfecta pt cosmin haha

Dudu♥ spunea...

@ marte..LOL..poate as incerca dar nu imi asum riscul de a vedea un copy paste la el in mana deci poate o sa scriu despre sf clasei a 12-a. :))