miercuri, septembrie 30, 2009

I had no idea what to write about today. But while I was coming back home... a question rised in my head and it's like...I wanna ask everybody about this..when did say "Thank you" with all your heart? Cause.. we all say thank you when someone gives us a pen or...a beer or... small things. But when did you thanked someone just because he's there for you, because he exists, because he gave you a smile or because he told you "hi". Sometimes... you just have to say "thank you" or to offer a lovely look, and you will receive back 100 times more.
Being nice..doesn't cost a thing. Spread the love everywhere and to everybody... it's so easy. I would love to see sad people who have really big problems..smiling just because they see happiness in the world... just try to be better and everyone will try to be as better as you.

2 comentarii:

marte spunea...

make love,not war!!!

AnEmOnE spunea...

nu cred ca am mai spus acel "multumesc" de care vorbesti tu cuiva..de muuult timp.
si asta numai pentru ca nu am cui...
sau nah..poate ca saptamana trecuta cand am ramas single din nou i-am multumit pritenei care a stat cu mine si mi-a suportat depresia si starea de ..nervi :D