luni, noiembrie 02, 2009

You know that feeling when you try to be better and to help someone..but that someone doesn't let you do anything because is headstrong [silly]. I hate this makes me feel like I am the wrong one..and it's not like this..but I really wanna help and not because I wanna be annoying.... but because I care. Damn I really do.

------------ Today...TIC, English, Music, Math, Physics, HISTORY.
Remember I said I will have a Physics project with Teo, Dani and Gaby? Well we all got a 10 because we were the bestssssssssss!!! yup yup..the ones with the 10..the only ones!!!
For tomorrow I have lots to study at...French..[i hate it], Art...Latin.... Biology. Hmm..I have a Biology test tomorrow!!!
UGLY UGLY UGLY...tomorrow will be horrible..I just know it!

Huhu..hands up for the curled girl <333.

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