luni, noiembrie 16, 2009

Tomorrow is my freshman party... this will rock my shocks....I CAN'T WAIT<3.
Idk if I'm doing school tomorrow but still I'll go to see how's everyone and then i'll get my ass back home, sleep and then prepare for party.
I have a new hair is like 15 cm shorter...I like it was time :-p.

I would love to talk more about feelings, about the impact of the world on me..but everyone's so..but so...i don't empty. Like no one's doing anything, no one's impressing me with anything. It's just me...and you. Or it's just me and I can't see the problems of the people around me. It sucks cause I feel like I live in a balloon... a weird one. Like..things can touch me but I can't feel them.. idk. I'm a weiiiirrdddoooo!!!

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AnEmOnE spunea...

nu nu esti a weirdoooo ;)
crede-ma ca acum..nici nu mai are ce sa te impresioneze
take care