joi, noiembrie 05, 2009

A pretty chill day at school. Nothing exciting or fabulous...just another Physics project with Gaby, Teo and Dani. For tomorrow..damn damn damn..History and Chemistry and some Literature too.
I'm reading again my fav poems book.
Can't wait for the weekend...Gaby's, Dani's and Vera's B'day<3333. Uhuuu. And my Freshmans ball on 17....gosh gosh I can't waaaaiiiitttttt for this any longer!!!

I would love to talk about how much my life changed in just a few months. I remember that when I've finished my 8th grade I was just so so so depressed because school was over and I was afraid of meeting new people, of trying something new. That's me..that's why I am afraid of braking up with a guy, because I am afraid of trying something new... I was disapointed because I didn't entered the highschool I wanted, and all my dreams were just impossible to reach. But now... I am sure and I know that a better option for me can't exist. God knows what's better for us..and he knows what was better for me too.
I remember how I was when I changed school, 4 years ago... in my 6th grade. Again... I was afraid of meeting new people but I was forced to do it. And again... I met the most amazing friends, the most beautiful and understaning second mother someone can have like formmaster. I am gratefull for the moments I spent there... happy and sad moments. Horrible and amazing. Cause every minute spent in that school helped me grow and know I really know how to act in different situations.
I am still at the beggining, and I am not ok with what I am right now. I know I can be better and I know I can do things wwaaaayyy much better but I am learning, step by step, and every little detail makes me better or worst from some points of view.
One thing I know for sure... that I don't want to repeat the same mistakes I did in the past. That would break my heart into pieces again, and not because I got hurt, but because I know that if I do the same mistakes over and over again I will never learn how things work in this world.

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